Cannabis Deserves a Better Conversation

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Wine and Beer took Decades to Recover from Prohibition
Help us give cannabis the conversation it deserves.

Cannabis deserves a better conversation than just "indica, sativa, or hybrid." Smoke Reports gives you the information you need to have better conversations about cannabis.

Share reports, photos, and reviews with other Smoke Reporters. Browse our huge database of Strain Reports.

"I really liked Thai Stick and Acapulco Gold back in the day. I love getting that experience back with new strains."

Smoke Reporter picking up the Canversation right where they left off

"Do you have anything from DJ Short's Blueberry line? Maybe something with a bit of Afghani lineage?"

Typical Smoke Reporter having a Canversation to find their favorite

What Strains Should I Try?
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Reactions to different strains are personal. Everyone deserves to find the flavor or effect they want. Celebrate your uniqueness and discover your new and old favorites.

Containing thousands of strains worth of lineage and history, the Smoke Reports database is like none other. Reveal and understand your personal cannabis profile and start seeking out your favorites.

"Anything with Northern Lights #5 in it helps me sleep. Do you have any strains with that?"

How Smoke Reporters ask for strains that are best for them

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Online cannabis communities have been stuck in out-dated forums, websites that are hard to use, or places made for selling cannabis, instead of enjoying it.

Welcome to your new home for photos, conversations, and reports about our favorite plant.

"The flavor was a bit underwhelming but this creeper definitely left me feeling flighty after a while."

David  David

April 14th, 2014

"I love finding rare strains and being the first to upload a photo or fill out a Smoke Report!"

Smoke Reporter celebrating upon improving the Canversation